Hi! I'm Gina Mangiante, an elopement photographer in San Francisco, California! Being born and raised in the Bay Area means I know allll the great spots for your elopement or session! I’m a 1 wing 9 on the Enneagram, which means I strive for perfection (gotta love those details and organization) and love to make people feel at ease by being calm and adaptable! I tend to be a little more on the quiet side, so

I love to step back and capture you just as you are, with some moments of directing here and there, to make your photos authentic and magical.

I started getting into photography while in college. I used to run around borrowing my friends' cameras and snapping pictures before getting my own camera in 2016. I graduated from San Jose State University in 2018 with a degree in Child and Adolescent Development, and while I love kids, I realized I have more passion for documenting your stories! I'm so thankful to my wonderful clients for helping me make this dream a reality.

I absolutely LOVE taking pictures - maybe even a little more than I love In-N-Out (and I seriously love In-N-Out). I get so much joy documenting the beauty of people and their special moments together! My faith in Jesus plays an essential role in my photography and in my life. 

I accept everyone and every love and believe we are all created uniquely and beautifully and I have so much fun capturing it all! 

I want those I photograph to see their beauty as well. I hope that you feel welcomed and accepted always! 

I look forward to getting to know you and I cannot wait to capture your love story!

Utah Elopement Photographer - girl in an extravagant dress looking behind her with mountains and valley in front of her
Florence Italy Elopement Photographer - girl holding onto railing in Piazzale Michaelangelo, view of Firenze behind her
San Francisco Elopement Photographer - girl with one hand on hip, other hand holding her camera up into the sky while cheesing

Things I Enjoy

- TV shows like Friends, The Office, New Girl, & Schitt's Creek (I quote or reference these shows on a daily basis (and throughout my website lol) - and I even have a Friends tattoo)

- Iced vanilla lattes

- Learning Italian 

- In-N-Out!!!

- Dogs (I’m hoping to have a husky one day)

- True Crime podcasts

- Adventuring to new places near & far

If you made it this far, thank you so much for getting to know me a bit - I can't wait to learn about you!